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Top 5 Reasons Why You Do Need SAP Fiori

Mar 28, 2017 1:48:53 PM / by Abdul Moeez

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  1. Web responsive design

Going with the need of the modern era, SAP has integrated web responsive design which enables your organization to operate on both desktop and mobile devices. Responsive dictates that your application is no longer restricted to any specific resolution of a device.

  1. Simple system architecture

Another reason to go for Fiori is its simplistic architecture. Depending only on backend systems, NetWeaver gateway and UI5 add-on, you won’t require any separate component. While authentication and authorization are organized through traditional tools, SAP provides standard roles for you. Most importantly, a unified home screen is provided where you can determine which apps are available to an individual.

  1. No separate mobile platform

SAP uses Fiori to provide online web based apps from SAP backend system. Therefore, it diminishes your need for a dedicated mobile platform.

  1. Overlaps existing solutions

SAP has ensured that your user experience is not overlooked.  Apps now look sleek and are user-friendly. Logically speaking the business focus remains same whether you go for native apps or Fiori, but with the latter you will enjoy a well-structured and refined look to your app.

  1. Flexibility towards other UI technologies

SAP Fiori apps exchange their data with SAP backend using NetWeaver gateway models. Fiori comes with HTML5 screens based on the SAP-UI framework. You can also adapt a different UI framework, using open standard protocols.


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Abdul Moeez

Written by Abdul Moeez