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Jobless? Not If You Use SAP Education the Right Way!

Oct 18, 2017 4:13:56 PM / by Husna Khan

After completion of Bachelor degree in Business Studies or IT each graduate is dreaming to secure a well-paid job. But after few weeks they realize that their market worth is zero; naturally leading to major disappointment. Even after spending four years attaining a degree, they are still incapable to get a desired job. Students then start believing they are worthless and will never get a job. Unfortunately, very few understand the real issue. The issue is not with the student or their education. There is basically a huge gap between academics and industry requirements. This imbalance creates problem for both ends. On one hand, students are unable to get a job and on the other, companies find a lack in supply of desirable resources.

Introducing SAP Education

Do you know that the top fortune companies run on SAP and SAP is the market leader in ERP for the past 4 decades? This is a tool set whose expertise plays an important role for any professional at any point of life. To maximize their job opportunities, students should acquire SAP skills during their academic life and then step into the professional world fully prepared. This way they can fill the gap between Academics and Industry. Since industry requires latest skills but education system is far behind, SAP Education will provide you an edge to achieve the best market skills.


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Husna Khan

Written by Husna Khan