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5 top reasons to attend our Qlik Webinar Series

Sep 24, 2018 2:58:42 PM / by Abdul Moeez

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1 - New Technological Updates 

  • These webinars are an easy access to updated information about Qlik technology. Whether you are a Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Database Analyst, an IT Manager, or from the field of Big Data. You all can definitely benefit from attending these free webinar series to add more to your skills.


2 - Uses Local Data-set 

  • Seeing data from a town in Houston is a little hard to relate to as compared to seeing sales data from a tehsil in Gujranwala. In each session we explain the data analysis based on localized data set.


3 - Short Sessions 

  • Yes, we realize that setting aside an hour is hard during a normal workday. But our sessions are just 30-35 minutes long, which means you can easily squeeze that time from your routine to attend our webinar. Plus, if you can’t make it to our session, you can always search our recorded webinars at our YouTube channel.


4 - Interactive 

  • Mostly webinars do not allow real time question and answer session. But we dedicate the last 10 minutes to hearing from our attendees. You can either ask questions during the session or drop as an email and our experts will get back to you with their wisdom.


5 - In Your Native Language

  • Last but not the least, the webinars are conducted in our own Urdu language which makes it easier to grasp and understand.


Our webinar sessions are bi-weekly and are normally conducted on a Thursday at 11am. If you are interested in getting notifications about our webinars, register below and stay tuned to hear from our Qlik gurus.  


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Abdul Moeez

Written by Abdul Moeez